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Hrvatska Verzija.

Who are we? is the largest online Apple community in Croatia. The blog was created in 2010 and has quickly become the place for news, tutorials and questions/answers about Apple products and services.

Why advertise with us?

Omizio is visited by more than 50.000 visitors and Apple lovers each month, which yields over 90.000 page views per month. All of our visitors own Apple products, and if you are offering Apple-related products and services, then Omizio is the place for you.

Omizio blog does not condone piracy, and we do not write or comment on subjects related to the piracy of the App Store or of Cydia apps.

Paid Banners

The most effective way of advertising on the site are paid banners. Please contact us for direct billing  at omizioblog (at) gmail (dot) com, or to purchase banners through

Banners prices are based on the number of impressions they generate and the size of the banner.

Available sizes are:

  • Header Banner (630 x 90) – Header of each page
  • Medium Side Banners (300 x 250) Available on the home page and all the post pages.
  • Small Side Banner (125 x 125) Available on the home page and all the post pages.
  • Medium Tower Banner (120 x 240) Available on post pages.
  • Large Tower Banner (120 x 600) Available on post pages.
Banner Offers
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We also offer:

  • Paid reviews of apps
  • Paid reviews of products or services
  • Paid giveaways with social media share

If you are interested in these types or any other types of advertising with us, please contact us or email us at omizioblog (at) gmail (dot) com, and we’ll make sure to get back with you asap.

Thank you for your interest,

Omizio Team